Association du tank de Flesquières

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The Trench

The Trench was specifically built in October 2001 by the BBC for a programme of the same name. The result was so interesting and the effect so realistic, we thought it had to be saved for educational purposes and also for use by re-enactment enthusiasts. It could also be used again to make films or television programmes. We therefore bought the field containing the trench. It was quite recently used when Christian Carion, who was making a film titled Merry Christmas about the 1914 Christmas Truce, based his ideas by visiting and gaining inspiration.
However, although the trench is still there, the materials used by the BBC were naturally of a temporary nature. There has been some deterioration due to the exposure of untreated timber, sandbags, etc. The large field was completely surrounded by a fence for protection, but unhappily a number of souvenir hunters and visitors continue to show little or no respect and cause considerable damage and vandalism. Work is continually being carried out in an attempt to stop such problems and to make repairs, but it is almost like ‘fighting a loosing battle!’ Due to the safety factor, it is impossible to allow visits by the public.