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Preservation and current position

Following the discovery, the tank was first planned to be placed in a barn in the village. However, it soon appeared the proposed building was far too small. As an immediate measure, it was decided and agreed between the Mayor of Flesquieres and Philippe Gorczynski to store the tank in the courtyard of the Mayor’s farm. That situation lasted for nearly two years and was not satisfactory, the tank being covered by a tarpaulin and suffering from heavy condensation. Philippe then searched for a suitable location. And after several possibilities, he chose a large open sided barn.

The tank is now preserved in that barn standing on a base made of granite cobbles given by the Town of Cambrai which came from some of its old streets. It was carefully moved there by a group of expert soldiers from 118 REME Company who spent two days on the project and used three large cranes and a heavy multi-wheeled trailer.
See the video: Getting ready for Deborah's move to her new home(Skynews)
See the video: Deborah moves into her new home(Skynews)

The tank is regularly treated with a special oil to reduce corrosion and has been registered as a National Monument. Arrangements are being made to lift and replace a run of track that was excavated at the same time. Even in its current rather temporary and unsatisfactory surroundings, the tank attracts enormous interest. It is therefore hoped that in the not too distant future a museum building will be constructed around the tank to afford it far more protection. It will also enable the various collections to be properly exhibited. Naturally this will take a considerable amount of work and money.
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